Who Do You Think You Are?

Hey guys! It’s been a minute, and by a minute I mean a couple of months? *covers face in shame*  Those that know me, know that I like to keep myself occupied; the downside of keeping occupied is sometimes you forget that you need to rest! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been to David’s tent (one of the highlights of my year!),completed an internship and received a graduate job offer, travelled to New York – where I had the opportunity to attend the Bethel NYC Worship Night,  and moved back to uni to begin my final year!

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I don’t share these things to gloat; though I’m grateful for every opportunity God has blessed me with, these past 12 months have had their share of challenges, to say the least.
Originally I was going to conclude the paperchase series with my version of paperchase but then I realised that my blog is a big paperchase. These posts aren’t random figments of my imagination but they’re lessons I’m learning or have learnt.

So where does that leave this post, I thought I’d start a new series, still unsure about the title I’m thinking #MirrorMirror but things aren’t set in stone yet!

I love VISION, I love having a target to aim towards.  I’m a quote junkie, not for the sake of sounding intelligent but because I like to keep inspired. I love HOPE.  Its such a powerful weapon.

So where does who do you think you are, come into this conversation. One of the most important decisions we have to make about vision is how we envision ourselves.  I’m not talking about being a 5″8, brown skinned thickums with curly hair but literally who do you think you are? This can be a simple question for some or complex for others, but nevertheless it’s a question we have to ask ourselves because how we see ourselves will ultimately shape our decisions which inevitably shape our lives.  A famous proverb says

“Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained”
– Proverbs 29:18

What does that mean? It means when you have no vision its so easy to go off on a tangent because we have no restraints. In other words there is a YOLO mentality – living by our physical impulses in which we don’t consider how today’s behaviour will effect tomorrow’s destiny. Don’t get it twisted sometimes its nice to be spontaneous but its not an everyday thing.

When we have a vision for our lives we restrain our options to capture the vision.
– Kris Vallotton

Another issue that arises when we don’t know who we are is that we let other people define us. I myself can say I’ve fallen victim of this trap – living to fulfil someone else’s vision for your life, whether it be family, friends, teachers they ultimately become responsible for your personal decisions.

We cannot let our emotions, current circumstances or other people define who we are, we must know for ourselves. I believe our true identity is found in God, He knows us better than we think. If you don’t know how a product works won’t you look at the manual created by the manufacturer?

So I encourage you, if you don’t know the answer to this question to take some time out and think.  What type of person am I now? What type of person do I want to be? What is stopping me from becoming that person?

Sorry to sound deep, but honestly this is where I am right now. To me, the best way to answer these questions is allowing God to reveal His heart for us. It’s not complex, all you gotta do is ask.

Have an awesome week ladies and gentlemen 🙂 Also make sure you check out this week’s something new

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