The Ultimate Kill Joy

Here’s a flashback from the archives, I had to remind myself of this lesson recently (I’m still learning guys)… The truth is comparing ourselves to others doesn’t just steal our joy, it robs those around us of someone who has learnt the rare gift of offering their uniqueness to the world.

…Don’t worry there’s a new post coming this week 🙂 Enjoy!


One of my favourite quotes is by Theodore Roosevelf, it says

“Comparison is the thief of Joy”

The older I get the more apparent this quote becomes. I think we’ve all been there where we see what others have and we start to compare. For example, I’m in my final year of university (wow time flies) and for me, I think the educational system is one of the most competitive systems out there. I understand that everyone wants to do well (as they should), but there is this general consensus that says for me to succeed you must not. *ERROR*

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