As mentioned in my previous blog post I recently travelled to America for 2 weeks visiting the sister states of Indiana and Illinois. This was my first time in both states and I didn’t really have any expectations from this trip rather than to visit family and get away from the noise; both expectations were met, and then some 😉

 This blog is both a quick review of Chicago and some suggestions for things to do if you ever find yourself there 🙂


If you love architecture, skyscrapers, beautiful views, great pizza and live music – Chicago is the place to be (well downtown Chicago, which is where I stayed). For me it’s like a less congested version of New York, it’s a city full of culture and history that adds to the beauty of the place. Here are my top 5 things to do in Chicago

  1. The Chicago Architecture River cruise
    I’ve always admired architecture, often taking pictures of buildings in foreign countries or trying to guess when they were built due to their unique features. The tour was amazing! you’re taken through the history of Chicago’s skyline and given the opportunity to enjoy the view from the Chicago river.

    This leads me to my second recommendation…

  2. Riverwalk
    If you can’t go on the tour, go for a walk along the river. It’s beautiful and free 😉 you can still see the architecture but at a slower pace and you get to enjoy a few restaurants along the way.
  3. 360 Chicago & Tilt
    If you’ve ever been to the One World observatory in New York, this is very similar. 360 Chicago is simply a 360 degree view of the city from the 95th floor of the John Hancock centre (the 4th tallest building in Chicago). It comes with an extra added bonus of Tilt, which basically tilts you at 30 degree angle over the 95th floor. Don’t worry it’s safe – you lean on a window and it does the tilting for you. I won’t recommend it if you’re scared of heights but I do recommend it if you like adventure. Here are a few shots from 360 ChicagoIMG_4811IMG_4815IMG_4825IMG_4831A similar view can be seen from the Wilis Tower/Sears tower (the tallest building in Chicago) which allows you to also go out on a ledge to get a better view.
  4. The Navy Pier
    The Navy Pier is a beautiful strip on the shoreline of lake Michigan. It full of different amusements and restaurants. To end your day with a bang there’s a nightly firework display.Picture1
  5. IMG_5099Giordano’s
    You cannot go to Chicago without trying their famous deep dish pizza – it’s a must! I can’t say Giordano’s is the best in Chicago, because that was the only place I went to, but it is amazing and extremely filling – I could only have 2 slices. For me that says it all.
    P.s. their garlic bread bangs!!


So that’s all folks! I hope this inspires you to go to Chicago or just travel. To me travelling is such a humbling and fun experience. 

To quote Augustine of Hippo

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.”

So do something different this year, go somewhere you’ve never been before and experience the beauty of this world. Comment below and let me know where your next travel adventure is 🙂

Peace and love


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