Bad God?

Quick share ๐Ÿ™‚ This was a good read, something we can all resonate with and a good reminder to be thankful in all circumstances โค
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When do you call on God? What are the things, situations or circumstances that move you to reach out to God โ€“ or to even acknowledge His existence and sovereignty?

When I asked this question via a twitter poll, most people said that they are more likely to call on God if something bad happens as opposed to when something good happens.

(A bit of Psychology research methods evaluation โ€“ this question is a form of self-report, this means that answers are subject to what psychologists call, the social-desirability bias. People always want to present themselves in a positive light or a socially desirable way, so answers may not be 100% truthful despite beingย anonymous. Finally, it is a closed question, as it required a โ€˜forcedโ€™ choice which limits oneโ€™s answer. Some individualsโ€ฆ

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