Happy new year and welcome to 2016. I pray that this year will far exceed your expectations and may it be your best year yet!

Ok, so this is a quick post based on a devotional I’m doing for the first 20-days of this month. I just completed the first day and I wanted to share the opportunity for you to join this devotional too 🙂 Every year since I’ve became a Christian I always start a devotional and it’s mainly – read the entire bible in 365 days. That’s not a bad devotional it’s an amazing accomplishment but I never complete it, I miss days, skip books (leviticus, deuteronomy and lamentations mainly *covers face*) and I feel as though I’m not doing it for the right reasons.

So what is EAT PRAY HUSTLE about?

As I mentioned, it’s a 20-day devotional about diving deeper into the Word of God and learning to chase our dreams God’s way. It’s free to sign up (click on this link ), you do have the option to buy the book that goes with it, but it’s not mandatory. Each day you’ll receive an email  with the daily topic, a short paragraph of text, and a 6-8 minute video to walk you through the content of the book Eat Pray Hustle: Dream Chasing God’s Way. The study is lead by Havilah Cunnington, an awesome human being who teaches at Bethel church and Jesus Culture. She also has an amazing podcast :). 

Why am I doing this?

Let’s get real. 2015 was shaky for me, my plan was to get a 1st and apply for medical school. Exam season was HORRIBLE, I had serious panic attacks, like for real I felt as though I was going to die. (Sounds a bit dramatic but if you’ve ever suffered from anxiety you will know what I mean). So I ended up doing poorly on my exams which brought my overall grade down. My medical school application exam was not so great, and that affected my entire medical school application (lets just say there have been a few rejections 😦 ). Those that know me, know medicine was my dream, my everything. But to be honest, I feel as though I’ve lost hope, after these series of events I started questioning why I wanted to study medicine in the first place. The answer is still uncertain – I’m not giving up, I’m just not sure if it’s actually what I want to do.
So I’m hoping this devotional journey will help answers some serious questions that have been pending on my heart. In my previous post “packing for 2016” I spoke about taking time to write your vision for this year and plan with God and this is part of my process.

So if you can relate to anything I’m saying or if you want to explore your dream and how God wants to chase those’s dreams with you, I employ you to start this study. I’ll probably share what I’ve learnt at the end of this study, the great thing about devotionals is that you can start whenever you want 😉


Happy new year beauties!

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  1. Am also trying to read the Bible in 365 days but haven’t decided on a reading plan yet.Hope it works out.I also pray that God will give you clarity in finding your career path.

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