Are You A Belieber?

YES, you read the title right. I hope this post doesn’t discredit by whole blog! LOL! I have a little secret….I won’t say I’m a Justin Bieber fan, buthe does have a secret space in my heart. *DISCLAIMER* I have listened to his new album *covers face* and I find you can really hear the growth in him and his views on life. Whether that is good or bad music is another debate for another day…Moving on swiftly….This isn’t necessarily a post about Justin, I just needed a catchy title ;). It did however stem from the clip that is placed below. Press Play, then lets talk…

Justin talks about a concept which is will always be relevant, something that I’m still learning – you can’t buy God’s love its a relationship. He goes on to say

If God is based on love, its “I love you first, regardless of what you do” rather than “you do this and I’ll love you”

There is something we can learn from this conversation – relationship will always supersede religion. To me religion is a set of rules, which places God in a box. It’s kinda like mankind’s way of handling God, if you do XYZ, you will get 123.

Lets rewind and let me share parts of my story…
I come from an african household, where Sunday = Church, there are no ifs or buts, the only but is the whooping you get when you say no. Luckily butt whoopings were not my portion, I grew up loving church; I got to see my friends, got to show off my dancing skills anigif_original-grid-image-28438-1370025637-14

and there was always free food at the end! nwkcjm

But that was it, God was on Sunday and life was Monday – Saturday! I thought if I was good, kind and stayed out of trouble I was destined for heaven. And that my friend, is religion.

I got saved and then all of a sudden it was God was not this mythical being in the clouds watching our every move like a parol officer. He was a person and He wants to have a relationship with me, He wants to know me and wants me to know Him.  But doesn’t God know everything and everyone ?,  yes but relationship is different, its more intimate and it’s a two way exchange.

If you had a boyfriend/girlfriend and they only spoke to you once a week, saying the same thing as last week, or only called you when they have a major crisis or need money, and they knew nothing about you, and they’re constantly cheating on you then asking for your forgiveness, 

would you stay in that relationship?

I won’t, but honestly speaking thats the same way I’ve treated God…

So how do I know if I have a relationship with God?
Honestly speaking thats something you have to sit down and think about and most importantly as God.
This is a big topic which 500 words can’t cover all at once, but here are a few things I’ve learnt/I’m learning about maintaining a relationship with God.

  1. There is GRACE
    I can write a whole series on Grace. We are human and we make mistakes, but God gives us grace to be better and to know Him.
  2. There is no 5 step plan to getting an awesome relationship. As with every relationship, it grows with time.  Utlimatley, you have to make a conscious decision in to how you choose to spend your life. Time is the ultimate sacrifice, are you willing to spend time with God and get to know Him.
  3. Practical things 
    •  Reading the bible.
      If you don’t know what to read try using a bible plan. The bible app has great plans on it. 
    • Prayer
      Prayer is literally just talking to God.
    • Read Books
      If you want any suggestions, feel free to comment below.
    • Listen to podcasts that help stir your faith  (check out the something new page to get my top 3 podcasts)Basically create a sustainable environment that will help your relationship grow
  4. Ask for help
    If you are struggling in your walk with God, speak to someone that has Godly wisdom i.e. your pastor or a friend that can pour into your life and help you overcome your current struggle rather than a friend that will help dig the hole with you.
  5.  You reap what you sow
    God knows your heart and if you sow in your time in growing with God i.e. reading your bible and spending time in His presence.

The bible says

God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him – Hebrews 11:6

Most importantly, God will always love us regardless, that’s just His nature – God is Love. The question is do we truly love Him? I guarantee you, that the more you really get to know Him, the more you fall in love with love.

19 We love, because [a]He first loved us.


1 John 4:19 Because God bestowed on humanity a free will, man is not forced to love Him, but rather consciously and freely chooses the response he makes to God’s love.

Hope this helps somebody, or just expands your mind a bit. It may be a lot to digest, but if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Have an awesome week 🙂


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