#Paperchase….Lesson Two – Friendship

Hey guys, in continuation with the #Paperchase se11411934_10207293093553488_1567476557271473987_ories, this week’s lesson is by a great friend who always keeps it 100. Ms. Diana Awudi is diamond and I’m privileged to call her a friend, she carries so much wisdom and love and I thought she’d be perfect for this series. As you keep reading you’ll understand what I’m talking about…. Stay blessed

— Tito…

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Lesson Two – Friendship

I came into this year feeling strong and thinking I have my girls by my side, my support and thinking and feeling ready for the new year.

I remember half way through the year I had an evaluation with a few of my ladies and we were reflecting and assessing and encouraging each other and making sure that we were all in agreement.

As this year progressed there was a shift in the dynamics of my relationships/friendships. I started to feel uneasy around my friends and even though we were within close proximity of each other. A lot was going on and it became hard to differentiate between good and bad my eyes became cloudy and the integrity of soul began to suffocate and drown in all the noise of ideologies, opinions and doctrines.

I began to really seek Gods face concerning covenant relationships, my vision and what He had called me to do in the season I was in. God began to minister to me and reaffirm a lot about me and began to show me that in essence, not every friendship is meant for me.

To sum things up here are a couple of truths I’ve learnt concerning the area of friendships/identity

  1. You can’t be friends with everybody

People may enjoy the idea of you but can’t handle the reality of you- that does not mean you are better than anybody else, it simply means that your journey is unique.

2. Your journey is unique and the people you have around you are either going to add or subtract from you.

3. You need to be around people that are in the arena of life that you are trying to attain to.

4. You need to be around people that are likeminded and that you are in agreement with.

5. Sometimes you being friends with people aren’t helping them.

6. Pray for your brothers and sisters.

I don’t have the ‘you can’t sit with me’ mindset, but I now have been affirmed, I know where I am going and I know where I want to be. It’s about remaining focused.

Follow Diana on Twitter @DiianaaDaizii

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