Faithfully me…

Hey guys,

It’s been a minute (I’ve always wanted to say that), I apologise for the delay in putting up a blog post. It actually been a struggle or maybe a mixture of laziness and poor time management. Believe me I have started two blog posts but stopped half way through because i didn’t believe what i was writing or it just wasn’t the time. I said that this blog with be as real as possible and I take my words seriously :).

So over the past few weeks I’ve been learning a lot about myself and I’m growing to love who God created me to be. The quote

comparison is a thief of joy

pretty sums up how I used to act.I lost the joy of being myself and being who God created me to be.The bible says

God created us in His image and His likeness.

This reminds me of a picture God showed me once. *Close your eyes* now picture Jesus and picture Him blown up into millions of pieces (It sounds so weird but flow with me guys)….now imagine all the pieces come back together again. God told me each of us represent one piece of Him and by us not being ourselves we rob someone from seeing a different part of Jesus. I hope that makes sense…

The truth is everyone has their own identity and that it ok. There will only be one you so there is no need to compete with others. Nobody can do you like you! lol I’m not saying competition as a whole is bad because there are some places where competition is needed i.e. sport but that being said – the way we win is by being ourselves.

So what does this mean to me? To me this means that it’s ok for me to be single (at the moment lol – but there’s no rush), its ok for me not to be the best singer or dancer in the world, its ok for me to be naturally joyful all the time or have weird fascinations with nature – it doesn’t make me weird but it makes me me (yh I put me there twice..).

Do I still hear doubts in my head or sometime still feel like the odd one out sort compare myself to others? Yes, BUT I have an understanding that the more I get to know me and who God has created me to be, the more I love me and love God even more because He predestined me to be myself!

Processed with Rookie

Personally I believe we are all on a journey of discovering ourselves and by doing so we discover God.

So I hope this encourages somebody (If this felt a bit preachy I apologise but I just had to get this off my chest). Have an amazing day/evening/life ❤

Faithfully Tito.x <3

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